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Please do not attempt to find or access emergency help through this Web site. If you think you have a medical, psychiatric or obstetric emergency, call your local emergency number immediately or go to the nearest hospital.

  • In most parts of the US and Canada, the local emergency number is "9-1-1".
  • In UK and Ireland, the emergency number is "9-9-9".
  • In countries within the European Union, the emergency number is "1-1-2".
  • In Australia, the emergency number is "0-0-0".
  • In New Zealand, the emergency number is "1-1-1".
  • In Hong Kong, the emergency number is "9-9-9".

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Consult your own physician, travel security expert or government, as applicable:
All visitors or other users should consult with their personal physician or other qualified health care provider before embarking on any trip, change of lifestyle, diet, exercise program, health decision or any other activity that may put them at risk for injury, inconvenience, hardship or death. In addition, travelers are urged to consult their respective government authorities for up-to-date warnings, advisories or danger notifications for travel outside their own country. A list of these links is provided for convenience purposes in the Governmental Links page in the Useful Links section of this site; no endorsement or affiliation should be inferred.

Useful links:
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