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News & Recalls
Having the right piece of information at the right time can quite literally save you time, prevent injury, mitigate problems and maybe even help you to live a longer and happier life!

If you want to see news from Living Safely (i.e., news about us, including new products and services), please drop by our Press Releases page.

Why keep up to date?
There are lots of reasons to keep in the loop for breaking safety, health, medical, travel, nutrition and privacy issues. Each of us has his or her own reasons to keep safe and sound.

How we can help:
Currently, we utilize three easy-to-use technologies to help keep people around the world informed on issues affecting their health, safety, security and other important matters. These include the following:

1. Living Safely on Twitter: this includes all the breaking news we can fit into 140-character messages); and

2. Living Safely Recall Site: RecallsDirect™ is our dedicated Web site for food, drug, vehicle and product recalls and allergen warnings. This is a "must-bookmark" page for just about everyone, but especially for parents or those responsible for older people.

1. Living Safely on Twitter:
Need to keep up to date, up to the minute? Our Twitter feeds are for you! By signing up to our Living Safely Twitter feeds, you receive late-breaking news, safety warnings, food and product recalls, travel advisories and other important information as soon as they're available. You can also customize the information you receive by signing up to the news category you want.

To get started, you'll need to sign up to our free Twitter feed (individual accounts are also free and available here) and an e-mail address. That's it!

How it works: Our "Tweets" (i.e., messages) are quickly sent to your Twitter account on your PC, Mac or other computer. If you want, you can even automatically route the messages directly to your mobile phone, BlackBerry®, iPhone® or other smart device capable of receiving SMS-based text. Wherever you travel in the world, you can receive our emergency information and keep in touch with us.

Our most recent news items are below, with the times and dates we posted each story. Please note that some of these stories have links to third-party Web sites over which we have no control. Please read our Terms of Service page before you click on these links.

Living Safely news feed on Twitter:

Please note: If you cannot see the newsfeed above, it likely means your ISP is blocking you from visiting social networking sites such as Twitter. Contact your Internet provider to see how this can be fixed.

Other Living Safely Twitter Channels
We also produce several specialized channels on Twitter covering specific topics in exclusive detail. These include the following:

  • LS_Disasters covering topics relating to natural and human-caused disasters;
  • LS_Health concerning important health, recall and safety issues;
  • LS_Nutrition for specialized news concerning nutrition;
  • LS_Parenting for tips about kids' safety, health and wellbeing;
  • LS_Privacy discussing privacy issues as they affect safety and security
  • LS_Seniors for tips especially for older adults (and those who want to get there);
  • LS_Travel for breaking news and safety tips as they relate to travel.

2. Living Safely Recall Site:
Every day seems to bring more news about product recalls: vehicles, food, kitchen appliances and toys. It never seems to end. These days, it seems to be a full-time job keeping track of what we shouldn't eat, drive and let our kids play with during playtime.

Our Living Safely news gnomes scour numerous official and company news sources to bring you timely information about product recalls and warnings. Currently, we pass along items from the following government agencies:

• US Food and Drug Administration ("US FDA")
• US Consumer Product Safety Commission ("US CPSC")
• US Department of Agriculture ("USDA")
• US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA")
• Canada Food Inspection Agency ("CFIA")
• Health Canada/Santé Canada ("HCSC")
• European Union Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products ("RAPEX")
• Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ("ACCC")

While we send out recalls from these agencies using our Twitter feed (see above), it's also helpful to see a running list to ensure you haven't missed anything important or search past recalls. You can visit our RecallsDirect™ site to get a fully categorized, searchable database for food, drug, product, medical instrument and vehicle recalls. You can reach our RecallDirect™ service at

Whether you're visiting a weekend yard sale, contemplating buying used furniture or appliances or preparing for a big holiday feast, our Recall Site can help you safely along your way. Looking through old recalls might be especially important if you're considering buying (or using) old baby furniture or kid's toys that may have been recalled for safety reasons.

We also keep a page on Facebook for recalls here.

Finally, you can visit our Facebook page that mirrors our main Twitter feed here.