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Living Safely Health
Living Safely provides a variety of lifestyle, education, travel and other books for active people taking charge of their own safety, happiness and health.

Written by health and safety experts as well as dozens of contributing writers in the travel, health, safety, legal and other related professions, Living Safely books provide a variety of lifestyle, education, travel and other books for active people taking charge of their own safety, happiness and health.

Living Safely Health is all about keeping you healthy and happy – from infancy through to adulthood and then onto our senior years. Packed full of practical health tips, Living Safely: Health gives sound advice for everyone on staying healthy, disease free and safe at every age.

Could you provide an overview of the book?
In 20 chapters and 5 appendices, we show readers how to:
  • get healthy and stay healthy, no matter what your age or level of activity;
  • know the major risk factors and weigh the choices involved;
  • understand how to spot problems in your own health so you can reduce the chances of the "little things" developing into major problems when you're older;
  • recognize key dangers at home, in the workplace and while on vacation;
  • incorporate exercise into your life and lifestyle;
  • record major health events in your lifetime (diseases, broken bones, surgeries) so you and your family can understand what risks you face (and how you can prevent future problems) for you, your children and other family members.

What are the special features of this book?
With plenty of fill-in-the-blank charts, hundreds of emergency telephone numbers, chapter-specific foreign language translation dictionaries and hundreds of relevant Web site listings, Living Safely Health is a full-color "must-have" for anyone concerned about their safety, health and happiness. The book's unique innovative design, presentation and binding features ensure readability, portability and usefulness.

Who should read this book?
Living Safely Health is the perfect book for you, your spouse and your business associates in these challenging travel times. Written by the seasoned travelers and writers, the revised edition of this book will be available in 2016. We are taking pre-publication orders for the book now (see below).

What are the other books in the series?
Other books in the series include the following:
What is the new International Standard Book Number ("ISBN") and European Article Number ("EAN") of the book?
  • The ISBN-13 code for the book is: 978-0-9781523-2-1
  • The EAN code for the book is: 9780978152321

Can I pre-order this book?
Yes! You can pre-order this book by sending us your e-mail address, telephone number and your country. We will notify you when the book is available in your area through a retail bookstore, an online bookseller (such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others) or directly from us.

I'm a health and safety manager for a large company. Can I bulk purchase 250 copies of this book at a discount for my employees?
Yes! Our Group Sales department makes Living Safely books available to groups and organizations on a volume basis. Our books can also be easily customized for your specific company, with individual emergency contact numbers, travel agency details, internal travel policy and expense reminders and other details. Please contact us for more information using the address supplied in our Terms of Service page.

How can I advertise in this book?
There are a limited number of high-profile advertising positions available in this and other Living Safely books. Please contact us for details, a rate card and a publishing schedule using the address supplied in our Terms of Service page.